Sunday Swimsuit Sample Sale Finds! 

Say that 5 times fast 😉

But seriously girls! This is the best way to get your fav designer swimsuits for about half the price! Who doesn’t love spending their weekend shopping AND saving money?! If I can save money and get the cutest suits, you know your girl will!

If you’re the type that has to have the latest swim trends as soon as they hit the market, then this may not be the shopping route for you. But if you don’t mind waiting a few months to save some of that money honey, sample sales are the way to go!

This is a great way to support your favorite local clothing/swim companies! The best part – you get to meet the girls behind the company, which is awesome and so fun!

I hit the KAOHS Swim sample sale yesterday in my own beach city with some of my girls. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend their Sunday morning at the beach shopping with their best girls?! 🙂

This my all time favorite swim company, 1) because (self explanatory!) they are SO CUTE, 2) the seamless cuts make them beyond comfy, & 3) I LOVE supporting my local girl gang brands!

Check out my sweet finds below & don’t forget to head over to KAOHS Swims Instagram! Hit that FOLLOW button and keep an eye out for another one of their sample sales in your local beach city! I promise you won’t be sorry!

How to get the look:

Becky Top – KAOHS (in Red)

Betty Bottom – KAOHS (in Red)

Kat Top – KAOHS (in Mars)

Gypsy Bottom – KAOHS (in Mars, color N/A online)

Shop similar styles in Mars:

Betty Bottom – KAOHS

Billy Bottom – KAOHS

Keke Bottom – KAOHS

Mimi Bottom – KAOHS



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Hello world!

I am so excited to begin this journey I have been contemplating for years and recently had the confidence to finally start my lifestyle blog.

Two years ago I started my journey of blogging as a hobby in my free time when I wasn’t painting faces. I wanted to share my beauty secrets and favorite products that I used in my own makeup business, which lead to my beauty blog.

Guess what.. life got in the way and my journey changed unexpectedly when I decided I wanted to change my career path to teaching those cute, little, tiny humans. Now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on my teaching journey I decided that there wasn’t going to be a better time than NOW to put my love for writing and put that into something creative… my lifestyle blog.

I decided to change it up from solely being a beauty blogger because I have so many more loves in my life that I can’t wait to share with you guys! I have some fun life steps I plan to begin and want to share this with you all during the craziest times we call our, TWENTIES.

I can’t believe I started blogging when I was just 24 years old and now being 26 I was like, WHAT am I doing?! I continue to frequently tell myself how much I love writing and blogging, why am I not pursuing this? Well, with a little push and inspiration from my loved ones I can finally say, “I’m here, I’m doing this”.

Trying something new is always so scary and you always contemplate the failures, but what better time than now to JUMP into your dreams and FLY! I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted this blog to be about because of how many interests I have, so what better way to channel all of my interests than to feature all of these things into one blog.. a diary of my journey and perspective on life.

Thank you so much for reading & stay tuned!



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