My New Years Resolutions

WOW, I honestly can’t believe how quickly 2017 has come to an end and we have already started another trip around the sun!

2017 was one of the most amazing years from ringing in the new year in Australia to finishing the credential program to moving into a new place! I can’t wait to see where 2018 takes me!

I wanted to share a quick post on some of my new years resolutions with all of you!

My New Years Resolutions:

  1. Be Present – I ALWAYS think about what will happen in the future, but I have recently been trying to be more present and really take in the moment and truly enjoy everything around me.
  2. Practice Yoga & Meditate Daily – This is something I have started last year and I want to continue to grow in my practice. I want to make it a daily thing, whether if I step onto my mat for 60 minutes or just 5 minutes. Taking that step makes all the difference and really helped me get through 2017 in a more positive, less stressful way.
  3. Radiate Kindness – The world we currently live in has so much negativity, but if each of us can radiate kindness and do something nice for at least one person each day we can truly make a difference! We may think to ourselves, “I’m only one person, what can I really do?”, but the more people begin to shine that positive light, it will continue to grow and we can bring so much positivity to the world around us!
  4. Go Vegan – This year I recently found out I have a gluten and dairy sensitivity after many issues I was experiencing daily with the food I was eating. Now that I have completely cut these things out of my diet I can feel a HUGE difference in how my body feels and looks. I want to continue my journey of going vegan, although I have not completely cut out eggs, fish, and turkey (which I eat very rarely now). My goal is to try and go completely vegan by the end of 2018.
  5. Blog Regularly – It was SO exciting for me to finally start my blog in 2017 and I want to continue my journey with blogging! It brings me so much joy to come on here and write about things I love so much and get to share with all of you. Although, at times, it’s scary to think of the unknown, but I’m excited to see where this blog may take me in the future! It makes it all worth it to know I get to share my life and experiences with all of you.
  6. Get Hired as a Permanent Elementary School Teacher – I recently finished my Multiple Subject Credential Program and am currently substitute teaching. I am excited to begin this new journey and I can’t wait to see where this year takes me and I hope to get hired on as a permanent teacher.
  7. Yoga Teacher Training – I started practicing yoga in 2014 and really took my practice to the next level in 2017. I started practicing at least 5 times a week and have been loving how it has transformed my life in such a positive way. I have been wanting to do my yoga teacher training for about 2 years now, this is the year I have finally made it a goal rather than just a dream.
  8. Start Playing with More Creative Recipes – Living a healthy lifestyle is something that is such an important component in my life. It has been so amazing to try new vegan recipes this year and my goal is to start playing and getting more creative with healthy, yummy recipes to share on THIS blog with all of you!

I would love to hear what everyone else’s new years resolutions are too! Don’t forget to leave me a comment below and share one of your resolutions!

Cheers to 2018!



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6 Ways to De-stress

As some of you may know.. I'm currently working towards my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, while also substitute teaching. This takes up a lot of my time and sometimes I feel like I'm just going through the motions of my day. I get lost in all of the things I'm doing and forget to take a moment to just relax.

I know a lot of us are doing the same thing whether it's school or our careers and feel like we just don't have enough time for ourselves to save our sanity sometimes. But, this is SO IMPORTANT! We need to make sure, for our well-being, that we take the time to stop and relax.

Here are a few things that I do to relax and regain my inner peace!

"We can never obtain PEACE in the outer world until we make PEACE within ourselves."


1. Yoga
I started practicing yoga in 2014 and immediately fell in love with it! I absolutely love hot yoga and try to get to my studio once a week! I recently started practicing at home daily and have grown so much! I just love how you can completely free your mind and forget about everything around you and just focus on your practice. I have never felt stronger than I do when I practice yoga. Yin-yoga is also an amazing practice for flexibility and relaxation. YouTube has some great videos, whether you're a beginner or advanced in your practice!

2. Meditate
Fun fact! I took a Buddhism class in college and we practiced meditation in class, which was an amazing experience! I also took a stress and relaxation class, where we practiced guided meditation. I actually loved it and started incorporating this into my schedule. I typically use a guided meditation to relax when I need to clear my mind and become present. I ALWAYS worry and think about things that are going to happen, which many of us do! But, it is so important to be present because we will never get these moments back again. Light a few candles and some incense and get in a comfy spot and try this! I like to focus on my breathing while meditating to keep my mind from wandering, but it will still happen at times (this is okay! Just bring yourself back to your breathing). 20 minutes of guided meditation a day is actually recommended to improve your sleep and state of mind!


3. Exercise
Whether it's in a gym, in your house, or outside, working out gets those endorphins going and will help you feel happy and energetic once you're done! Remember, the hardest part about working out is the first step of actually getting up and getting yourself to the starting point!

4. Get outside
Go for a walk, go to the beach, or go to the park WITHOUT your phone! This is so freeing and at first you feel like your missing something, but this is so good for you! I miss the days when we didn't have cell-phones and social media because we used to get outside much more than our generation does now. This can really clear your mind, lift your spirits, and help you feel relaxed when you can just become one with nature and your surroundings.. because they are so beautiful! My favorite place to be is anywhere by the sea! Whenever I'm feeling stressed or down, feeling my toes in the sand, the sun on my skin, smelling the salty mist of the ocean breeze, and hearing the crashing of the waves always brings me peace.

5. Drink Tea
I do this a lot before bed when I need to relax or feel like I just won't be able to sleep. My favorite tea is Celestial Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea, it tastes SO GOOD and gets me to that sleepy and relaxed state of mind. During the day, I love the Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea!

6. Music
Whatever your genre is, listening to music always helps me get out of my own head and get lost in the music. This can be incorporated into any of the things I mentioned above and is great because it can literally be done ANYWHERE! Many of us feel stressed or think too much while we're driving (especially in Southern California haha). In my stress and relaxation class, I learned a lot of us used music while driving to be mindful and present. This can free your mind before you walk into work or before you get home to even begin de-stressing!

I hope some of you were inspired to try some of these techniques to help you relax & de-stress or if you use other ways to de-stress that I didn't mention, I would love to hear from you! Don't forget to leave me a comment below!

Keep being beautiful inside and out 💛



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